CorSaver™ and Center Hole plugs – tough little cookies

A crushed roll of product can cost manufacturers and their customers countless hours, dollars, and headaches. But by simply inserting core plugs into each roll of paper, linerboard, plastic, or textiles, companies can reduce damage and loss claims for just pennies per roll. And unlike other manufacturers, Souhegan guarantees a steady inventory of the products you need, whenever you need them.

We offer two different types of high-density, molded wood core plugs engineered specifically for the paper industry; the CorSaver Plug, designed for fine coated papers, and the Center Hole plug, which is used for all grades of paper. All Souhegan Wood Products core plugs are flake-free and smooth to the touch.

CorSaver™ Plug

The name says it all – this little gem can withstand three times
more pressure than most other center hole plugs on the market.
In independent testing, our CorSaver plugs withstood a 10,000 lb crush in a .63″ walled paper tube.

Center Hole Plug

With an easy-out design preferred by many end-use customers,
an impressive crush strength, and a competitive price, our
re-engineered Center Hole plugs are an industry favorite.

In addition to standard-sized plugs, SWP engineers can also
custom design core plugs to fit non-standard roll dimensions.

Download our Core Plugs product sheet.