From newsprint to wall coverings, paper manufacturers around the world trust each roll to a pair of small, pressed wood plugs designed to prevent impact or compression damage during shipping.

Souhegan Wood Products has been molding core plugs out of recycled waste wood fibers since the 1950s. In the early 1980s we upped the ante and began manufacturing the CorSaver™ plug, which became a vital asset to major paper companies in the USA with its crush strength of 10,000lbs. We’ve since expanded our offerings to include a 3 1/16″ and 4 1/16″ molded Center Hole core plugs, which boast crush strengths of 2,300 – 5,000 lbs in a HQ5.5 core.

In late 2010 during the 3″ core plug shortage, Souhegan Wood Products was instrumental in supplying the 3″ core plug needs of the U.S. paper industry. Since then, we have doubled our core plug production capacity with truckloads of plugs in stock and ready to be shipped at all times.

Make sure every roll gets to its final destination intact with our cost-effective core plugs.